Everyone has had a yo-yo. For some, getting it down and back up again is a good trick. For others, an Around the World or Walk the Dog os the cat's meow. Well for some, Yo-Yoing isn't just a toy...it's a way of life! Check out these sites!


American Yo-Yo Association - The official web site of the American Yo-Yo Association

National Yo-Yo League - The NYYL brings the nation together by providing credibility and standardization to the sport. They also maintain the Yo Yo Museum.

Top Web Sites

www.YoYoing.com - YoYoing.com the jump off point for Yo-Yo resources. YoYoing.com is a collection of related web sites about yo-yoing and yo-yo players. This site really is everything yo-yo.

HSPIN Yo-Yo Association - Another extremely cool yo-yo site!

The Yo Yo Museum - The history of yo yo's.

Yo-Yo Nation Forum - A lot of talk about yo-yo's.

Wikipedia - Yo Yo - This in an excellent source to find the listing of all the national and international Yo-Yo associations.

Educational Resources

Duncan Yo-Yo Lesson Planner - This is a five day lesson plan that goes well beyond teaching your students the basic physics found in the yo-yo. It's a "hands-on" approach to teaching using the Scientific method.

Science of Spin - A stage performance that includes a full interdisciplinary yo-yo curriculum, tying yo-yo's to math, science, language arts and social studies.

Yo-Yo Physics Papers - Donald W. ("Captain Yo") Watson, a retired mechanical and electrical engineer lays out his findings from what may be "the most extensive studies of yo-yo physics ever conducted."



Spintastics - An extensive offering of the world's top yo-yo's.

YoYo Sam - An extensive offering of the worlds' top yo-yo's.

Yo-Yo Guy - An extensive offering of the world's top yo-yo's.

The Yo-Yo Store - An extensive offering of the world's top yo-yo's.


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