Whip Cracking

The art of creating a cracking sound using a whip. In performance, practitioners will sometimes snap an object out of a volunteer's mouth or hand.


Society of American Whipartistry - a family-friendly organization founded in 2005 by a group of whip artists, instructors, and performers as a means to actively promote the whip arts, provide professional credentials for working whip artists, dispel popularly existing myths about whips, and provide a forum for whip professionals to exchange ideas.

Top Web Sites

Robert Dante's Bullwhip Site - A huge resource for whip cracking stunts, tricks, routines, and links

Bullwhip.org - Trick instruction and videos

Educational Resources

Science News Online - Research on the cracking of a whip

bullwhip-Info.com - Calculus, Newton, and bullwhip science

Wikipedia - Sonic boom, conservation of momentum, and more


WhipStore.com - Many different styles of whips

Dube.com - A couple of general use performance whips

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