Top Spinning

The spinning top has been around since at least 1250 BC, as evidenced by hieroglyphics in Egypt and probably they existed long before that. In Greece, spinning tops were maintained by whipping them with cord or leather on the end of a stick. These days, top spinners are using a peg top which is spun by wrapping string around it and throwing it to the ground.







International Top Spinners Association- ITSA was established to enable top spinners to share stories and fables, to exchange information about spinning tops and to reintroduce the world to the art and sport of top spinning.


Top Web Sites - The ultimate resource for Top Spinning on the web. Tricks, videos, and forums.

John Sandstrum's Top Page - Great list of top collections and other resources.

Spinning Tops Everywhere - A nice site with pictures and history.

Mia's Top Collection - All sorts of tops.

The Top Guy - Mostly a resource for tin spinning tops, but very complete.


Educational Resources

The Motion of a Spinning Top - A quick explanation of the scientific principle involved in a spinning top.

Dynamics of a Spinning Top - A more science based study of the spinning top by Nikos Drakos, Computer Based Learning Unit, University of Leeds.

The Top Museum - Located in Wisconsin, they have some nice resources available online, including a photo of the world record spinning top...132.6 pounds!

Humming Gourd Top - Instructions to make a humming gourd top.


Vendors - Nice selection of various types of tops. - Nice selection of plastic and ball-bearing spin tops. - Nice, hand turned tops in various shapes and sizes.


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