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The art of animating an inanimate creature. Puppets can be small or gaint, controlled with a hand, string, or body, and can be a creature real or imagined. There are lots or resources on-line. Here are a couple to get you started on your quest.


UNIMA-USA - Union Internationale de la Marionnette is an organization in which all those people in the world concerned with the Art of the Puppet Theatre associate voluntarily in order to serve through their art the idea of peace and of mutual understanding without distinction as to race, political ideas or religion.

International Ventrilquists Association - A place to find out about news and events related to the art of ventriloquism.

Top Web Sites

The Puppetry Home Page - The Puppetry Home Page is a free resource for the puppetry community and is dedicated to helping people connect with the world of puppetry.

Puppetry.org - Puppeteers of America, a national nonprofit organization founded in 1937, provides information, encourages performances, and builds a community of people who love puppet theatre.

Wikipedia - Marionettes, Puppetry and Ventriloquism

Educational Resources

PuppetBuilders.com - Instructions on building the entire range of puppets including animatronics, baraku puppets, giant puppets, glove puppets, hand & rod puppets, marionettes, puppet crafts, shadow puppets, and ventriloquist figures

The Henson Foundation - The Jim Henson Foundation was founded in 1982 by Muppets creator Jim Henson to promote and develop the art of puppetry in the United States. Each year the Foundation introduces thousands of adults and families to the magic of puppet theater through grantmaking, artist advocacy and public awareness efforts, and other outreach activities.


Axtell - A large selection of quality puppets

Puppets by Cher - Incredible fantasy puppets

Dummy Works - Professional and low cost vents, books, videos, and more.

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