Poi is a form of juggling with balls on ropes, held in the hands and swung in various circular patterns, similar to club swinging. It was originally practiced by the Maori people of New Zealand (the word poi means"ball" in Maori).

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There are no poi associations at this time.

Top Web Sites

Home of Poi - Nice site with forums, articles and lessons.

Do More Poi - Very active forums

Spherculism.net - Forum, gallery and glossary of terms

Wikipedia - Introduction, history and related arts.

Threeworlds.com.au - A site with an interesting mix of Poi Swinging, Fire Twirling (staff) and percussion.

PlayPoi.com - Blog with photos, videos, tutorials, and more.

Educational Resources

Temple of Poi - Temple of Poi is the premier poi fire dancing and flow arts school in the world offering in person and on-line poi lessons to serve the international community.


FireToys.com - A great selection of fire poi, practice poi and glow poi.

Home of Poi - Another great selection of spinning poi and equipment.

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