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Jumping Stilts are bowed metal stilts that contain one's foot and braces against one's lower leg. The bow allows for the wearer to jump high into the air. They have gained in popularity since being patented in 2002 by Alexander Boeck.



Top Web Sites

PoweriserPages.com - Very active forum, knowledge base, videos, and links to artists and groups.

PowerBockResources.com - Large database of online resources.

Wikipedia - History, comparasons, and links.

Gasoline Powered Boots - This seems like the most logical place to list this story. I doubt that you will get your feet into a pair of these unless you have connections in the Soviet Union military.


PowerSkips - The original jumping stilt

Stilt Werks - Jumping stilt manufacturer

Pro-Jump - Jumping stilt manufacturer

PoweriZers - Jumping stilt manufacturer

Power Jumperz - Jumping stilt manufacturer

Fly Jumpers - Jumping stilt manufacturer

7 League Boot Pro - Jumping stilt manufacturer

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