Magic, including the arts of prestidigitation and conjuring, is the art of entertaining an audience by performing illusions that baffle and amaze, often by giving the impression that something impossible has been achieved, almost as if the performer had supernatural powers. Yet, this illusion of magic is created entirely by natural means. The practitioners of this mystery art may be called magicians, conjurors or illusionists.

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International Brotherhood of Magicians - The I.B.M. is the world's largest organization for magicians boasting nearly 13,000 members worldwide. With over 300 local groups, called Rings, in more than 73 countries! Membership includes subscription to their monthly publication "The Linking Ring".

Society of American Magicians - Another great association. They too host conventions and put out a monthly publication.

Top Web Sites - A very active forum covering all aspects of magic. The site is populated by many amatuer and professional magicians and has a strict policy prohibiting exposure of tricks. - A nice site with lots of content and lessons.

Wikipedia - A good introduction of Magic as an art form. Discusses a little history as well as classifications of magic.


Hank Lees - A very popular magic store based in Boston, MA

Penguin Magic - Penguin magic specializes in downloadable magic trick. Learn some of the greatest magic tricks quick and easy!

Ellusionist - Another great online store that has downloadable video. They are also the exclusive distributors of the Bicycle Black Tiger Deck. Very cool for card magicians. - A good selection of beginner magic tricks, books, and videos. A portion of all sales from goes to support Variety Arts programming for children.


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