Juggling is the art of tossing and catching multiple balls, clubs, rings, or other objects. It dates back thousands of years and it's no wonder why...it's FUN!


International Jugglers Association - The home of the International Jugglers Association. They host an annual convention with workshops, competitions, camaraderie, and play! They publish Juggle Magazine.

European Jugglers Association - The home of the European Jugglers Association. They host an annual convention with workshops, competitions, camaraderie, and play!

World Juggling Federation - The newest kid on the block. They established an annual competition and the first one to be covered by ESPN! Kudos to The WJF!

Top Web Sites

Internet Juggling Database - This site has videos, vendors, reviews of equipment, lists of records, articles by world class jugglers, a wiki, and more. The site is really quite comprehensive.

Passing Database - Database of multi-person, club juggling patterns.

Wikipedia - Juggling - The art and history.

Learn to Juggle - Very simple and clear instructions, with video.

Kaskade Juggling Magazine - A wonderful monthly magazine that focuses on the European juggling scene.


Educational Resources

Arthur Lewbel - Prof. Lewbel co-authored “The Science of Juggling,” published in Scientific American, as well as a wealth of other scientific publications on the subject. View his publications here.

Toys in Space - Video - Collection of 13 vignettes that show the behavior of common toys in the "weightless environment of space". Includes juggling, paddle ball, spinning top, yo-yo, and more.

Juggling for Success - Juggling for Success is a classroom based, video driven, student monitored, parent supported, cooperative learning, fitness, coordination and self esteem program that helps you achieve behavioral and academic goals, raise school spirit and strengthen the home/school connection.

Passing Patterns Compendium - 91 page downloadable .pdf of club passing patterns for 2 or more jugglers, compiled by Mark Weston. Excellent Book!

Circus Arts, A Teachers Guide - The only book of its kind. A guide for physical education teachers to approach the circus and manipulative arts.



Gballz - Custom hand-made juggling balls. Highly recommended!

SeriousJuggling.com - Props from all the major manufactures.

Dubé - Professional Juggling Equipment Manufacturer - USA - A portion of all purchases from Dube generated from this site help support the VAD!

Renegade - Professional Juggling Equipment Manufacturer - USA

Todd Smith - Professional Juggling Equipment Manufacturer - USA

Henrys - Professional Juggling Equipment Manufacturer - Germany

JugglingStore - Wonderful Site with props from all the major manufacturers including Mr. Babache, Radical Fish, Beard, and the PX3 Deco Club!

Jumbly Mamba - An interesting new prop that can be juggled regular or set on fire!


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