Hat Manipulation

Most of us wear a hat. Many hats in most cases. So check out what some people do to put them on, take them off, or move them about! There aren't many sites dedicated to hat manipulation but just about every juggler I know can pull a trick or two out of his or her hat.


Your best bet to meet a large number of hat manipulators is to go to one of the festivals hosted by a juggling association.

Top Web Sites

TricksWithHats.org - This is the premiere site for hat tricks. Over 80 tricks are cataloged.

You Tube - A couple of really nice videos of various styles.


George Carl. A true inspiration to many hat manipulators and artists in the vaudville tradition.


A nice practice session with some many of the most common tricks performed.


This one is of a gentleman that goes by the name Blue AurÃ. He has a nice mix of hat manipuation, dance, and mime illusions.



Nils Poll- If you are going to buy a manipulation hat, the undisputed best hat in the world is a Nils Poll hat. They are available at most juggling vendors and are durable and perfectly weighted for flipping, spinning and juggling.

MaskArts.com - Specializing in designing, creating and crafting custom leather theatre masks and hats, such as Phillip Petite's leather top hat that he juggles with.


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