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Modern color guard is a combination of military drill, also called marching, and the use of flags, sabers, mock rifles, shields and other equipment, as well as dance and other interpretive movement. Traditional color guard first began during the English reign around the same time of the Civil War. A band would accompany the soldiers to play music to keep their spirits up and to keep them in beat. Along with the band, they also had a soldier holding a flag with their colors on it. (source - Wikipedia)


Winter Guard International - a nonprofit youth organization leading the winter guard and indoor percussion activities. Lots of videos, training matierals, and other resources.

Google Color Guard Directory - There are many, many regionional and stage associations. Google directory has a listing of about 25.

Top Web Sites

Color Guard Planet - Part of Drum Corp Planet, this site has a very active forum area.

Wikipedia Entry - History of colorguard

Description of Tricks - An anglefire page with a list and description of tricks.

Blue Super Heroine - Another list of tricks with descriptions

Color Guard Central - Tips, tutorials, history, and more.

Educational Resources

Color Guard Educator - A resource developed for coaches, designers, instructors, directors, and all educators dedicated to providing high quality, positive experience for their students.


Dance Sophisticates - Supplier of equipment and costumes

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