Dice Stacking

Dice stacking is the act of scooping up a number of dice off a flat surface and stacking them up vertically. The process is done with a swift back-and-forth motion and various stack combinations can be made with colored dice. This relatively new manipulation art has come very far indeed. A quick search on YouTube will show you some of the incredible tricks that have been developed.




Top Web Sites

Thomas Fischbach - Some excellent dice stacking done by Thomas Fischback on YouTube.

Perceptual Motion - A nice page with some video, instructions, and dice stacking props available.

Educational Resources

Juggling Information Service - A short introduction to dice stacking and the physics involved bu Emory Kimbrough.


Perceptual Motion - A large selection of cups, dice, books, and videos.

School for Scoundrels - A selection of dice, books, and videos with emphasis for magicians.

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