The diabolo is an ancient toy that is made of two cones connected at the middle and spun with the use of 2 handsticks connected by string. It is sort like a yo-yo that comes off the string. There is evidence that dates the Diabolo back to at least 4000 years ago in China. This toy experienced a resurgence in popularity in both the early 18oo's and the early 1900's.



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Top Web Sites

DiaboloTricks.com - A wonderful site with loads of information

Diabolo.ca - Videos, Tricks, and Forums

TheDiabolo.com - Nice Flash site with tricks.

2Diabolo.net - Tricks with multiple diabolo's

The Diabolo Primer - Good Introduction to the prop

ChineseYoYo.org - A nice site with 30 traditional Chinese yo-yo tricks including tricks with one-sided diabolo

DiaboloDevil.com - Lots of tricks with videos.

Wikipedia - Diabolo History, tricks, and links.

Art of Diabolo - Triangle notation generator

Art of Diabolo - Site generator...very cool!

Art of Diabolo - List of Site swap tricks.


Educational Resources

Juggling Database - The IJDb has a page devoted to most of the diabolo books available.



Most vendors selling juggling props sell diabolo's as well.

JugglingStore.com - They have a large selection of diabolo's, hand sticks, and string.




Video clip of Ryo Yabe - 10 minutes - Excellent!


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