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Devil stick (also Devil Stick, devilstick, devil-stick, Rhythm Stick, etc., or plural forms) manipulation is a form of gyroscopic juggling, or equilibristics and is generally considered to be one of the 'circus arts'. Sometimes called "devil-sticking" other terms often used are: "twirling", "sticking" and "stick juggling".

A "set" of devil sticks is made up of three pieces - the baton and two control sticks - but it will often be called a "pair of sticks".

Typically if a center stick is not tapered (i.e. a straight dowel or rod) and possesses tassels at its end, then it is known as a "Flower Stick" (as the tassels, when the stick is spun, will twirl outwards and resemble an open flower). This term is also now used to describe a straight center stick with any weights (not just tassels) at its end and sometimes refers to hybrid sticks which are both tapered and have weights. Tapered sticks without end weights are known simply as Devil Sticks. Flower sticks can also be properly called "Devil Sticks" as that is the more general term.

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Top Web Sites - Huge database of tricks.

DevilStick.De - A good site with trick learning animations.

Seth and Devil Sticks - An interesting little site with some novel stick designs and more. - Lots of tricks and

Wikipedia - A fair amount about devil sticking.


Educational Resources

Circus Arts, A Teachers Guide - The only book of its kind. A guide for physical education teachers to approach the circus and manipulative arts.



Devil - They offer some excellent designs as well as give you the option to custom design your own. - Another fine stick manufacturer. Their sticks can be found everywhere! - They offer a wide variety of juggling props, including Higgins Brothers Flower Sticks.

Juggling Vendors usually sell devil/flower sticks as well.


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