Coin Flourish / Poker Chip Tricks

Rolling a quarter down one's knuckles is perhaps the most well known coin flourish, even though coin magicians have developed and perfected dozens of flashy moves with coins. Many of these manipulations would have remained in relative obscurity if it weren't for the rise in popularity of televised poker.


International Brotherhood of Magicians - The closest thing to an association of coin manipulators would be magicians that belong to a magical organization.

Society of American Magicians - Another Magic Association

Top Web Sites

Chip Talk - A forum for the emerging poker chip manipulating enthusiast.

Virtual Magic Show - A few good videos of the most common poker chip flourishes.

Poker Chip - A nice site with lots of tricks, photos and video.

Coin - A great site of manipulations from a magician point of view. Lots of tricks and an especially interesting trick flowchart that depicts the relationship of various tricks.

YouTube - Do a search for Poker Chip Manipulation and lots of videos come up. Here is a nice one of 32 tricks in 89 seconds.



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