Indian Club Swinging

Swinging 2 clubs around your body. Thought to have originated in India as a strength training exercise. Many jugglers, poi swingers, and staff manipulators use these sorts of moves. Is it a martial art, a wellness regimen, or a wacky clown decide.



Top Web Sites

Motion RX - Health benefits of club swinging

Modern Club Swinging and Pole Spinning - Complete e-book by Anna Jillings, available as a .pdf download

How to: Swinging Clubs - A page by Nick Wilson with some valuable resources

Educational Resources

The Riverside Magazine For Young People (1869) - A primary source article about Indian Club Swinging

Vendors - a couple of different weights available - 2lb clubs available - Search for juggling clubs and you are sure to find 1 or 2 listing for indian swining clubs. Used, but at great prices.

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