Cigar Boxes

cigar boxes

Cigar box manipulation is popular among jugglers. The boxes are most commonly manipulated by lining them up and holding the two outer boxes and trapping the center box. The boxes are tossed, flipped, swung, and otherwise manipulated on a throw. This prop was popularized by W.C. Fields.


There are no cigar box associations but cigar box manipulation is often found happening at juggling clubs and conventions...and they have associations.

Top Web Sites

The Encyclopaedia of Cigar Boxes Page - An excellent site with tons of videos of cigar box tricks.

Deep Juggling Movies - Juggler Hideki Sumita posts short Quicktime videos of technical cigar box (and other) tricks.

Wikipedia - Currently light on information, but always a good resource.

Educational Resources

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Cigar boxes are sold by most juggling suppliers

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