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jitter ringWhatever you call it, this toy is steel ring, about 1 foot in diameter, with 5 1/4 inch brass washers contained on the ring. The washers are started spinning with a slap and kept moving by rotating the ring. This prop has begun (2008-10) to see a growing interest.

10/2010-Update - Jitter Ring, Gyro-Ring, and Chatter Ring trademark registrations are 'DEAD' according to US Patent & Trademark office.


Japan oooooRing Association - Up and coming site for ring slingers.

World Ringslinger Federation - A federation headed up by Island Edge Inc., makers of the Jitter Ring brand ring.


Top Web Sites

Jitter Ring Connection - Site by Murray Potts, the man behind the modern Jitter Ring.

oooooRing YouTube Channel - Clean, simple videos of many tricks. - An up and coming site for the prop. Run by a super cool guy. - care and maintenance

JugglingWorld - A site with about 10 tricks described

Educational Resources

Fascinations - The maker of the Gyro-Ring has a short description of the science involved.

Vendors - Purchase your gyro ring from here and help support the Variety Arts Directory - They carry Gyro Ring brand rings. - They carry Jitter Ring brand rings

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