Card Flourishes

Card flourishing is becoming surprisingly mainstream appearing in movies and commercials for cell phones. Fancy cuts, shuffles, and presentation of cards, once a tool of the magician, is quickly becoming a way to show off during a friendly game of cards.


International Brotherhood of Magicians - The closest thing to an association of card manipulators would be magicians that belong to a magical organization.

Society of American Magicians - Another Magic Association

Top Web Sites - SuperHandz is an outstanding site for a number of manipulations, cards being one of them. Watch videos of the most extreme, unbelievable, card shuffling and cutting you will probably ever be lucky enough to see.

The Magic Cafe - An active forum for everything magic. Scroll down to Pasteboard Frolics


Educational Resources

The Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes - If there was ever a bible of non-magic card manipulation, this is it. 545 pages and 2,800 photographs. An outstanding, outstanding, tome.


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