Bar Flair

If you saw the movie "Cocktails" and remember the bottle flipping and spinning done behind the bar, then you have seen bar flair.

It is the spinning, flipping, tossing, flourishing, and otherwise excellent manipulation of bar tending equipment. Think bottles, shaker cups & lemons flying through the air with the mission of dazzling your eyes and quenching your thirst.

I think if I didn't already have the best job in the world, I would join the ranks of these men and women!


Flair Bartending Association - The FBA is currently represented in countries all over the world. It is the goal of the FBA to help teach the art of flair, grow the sport of freestyle or extreme bar tending, and support all styles of performance bar tending in a safe and fun manner. (how cool is that?)

Top Web Sites

Flair - Month after month we publish another issue of, the FBA's official online magazine.

Flair Co. - Flairco and The Flairco Bartending Institute are proud to present our products, training and special event services to you. Flairco is dedicated to creating the most durable and practical products with personalized programs that are rooted in Service and Mixology accented with Flair.

High Spirits -High Spirits Enterprises is a company that focuses on aspects of the flair bartending profession.  From training, to exhibitions, to openings, to flair competitions, to event organization,

The Flairco Bartending Institute - Training


There are lots of videos on YouTube. Here are a couple good ones!






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