Ball Spinning

Ball spinning is fun to watch and do. It takes a little practice, but once you get the knack, you will probably find yourself playfully amused in the toy or sporting goods store.

In addition to ball spinning, one can also spin flat objects on one's finger, like trays, menus and plates.



There are no ball spinning associations. But ball spinning is often done by jugglers...and they have associations.

Top Web Sites

Internet Juggling Database - A very nice article by Jason Kollum. Includes information on selecting a ball, learning to spin, and lists a few beginner and advanced tricks.

Juggling Information Service - More advice on ball spinning from some accomplished jugglers.

Educational Resources

NASA - The science of air flow and a spinning ball. They have activites for science experiments as well.


Juggling Store - They Carry a nice Mr. Babache Spinning Ball

Serious Juggling - They stock the very popular Slo-Mo ball and a reasonable selection of rhythmic gymnastics balls.

Rhythmic - They carry a wonderful selection of rhythmic gymnastics balls. Generally a bit heavier that what most performers use for spinning, but you just can't beat the beauty and selection.




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