Balloon Twisting

Balloon Twisting is the sculpting of long, skinny balloons into animals, hats, swords, people, and anything else that can be imagined. Balloon sculptures can be constructed out of 1 or more balloons. The balloon dog is probably the most recognizable balloon sculpture.


There are no associations that are specific to balloon twisting, although it's an important aspect of many clowning associations. Balloon HQ (listed below) is the closest thing to an association.

Top Web Sites

Balloon HQ - The most complete online resource for balloon twisters. This site really has it all; history, science, instructions, classifieds, directory of artists, and thousands of pictures. This is the most complete resource available.

Magical Balloon Dude Dale - An active discussion forum of balloon twisters from around the world.

Airigami - The site of one of the world's greatest balloon sculptors. Larry Moss. He (an his team) holds the record for the largest balloon sculpture (40,000), pilots giant sculptures inflated with helium, and annually constructs a haunted house made entirely of balloons. He is an inspiration to many.

Educational Resources - A growing site by Michael Floyd who is posting balloon twisting instructions on YouTube. His list of video is here.

Balloon Science 101 - A page from

6 Week Curriculum for Students - Again, a page from balloon HQ.

Twist & Earn! - Twist & Earn! is a self-contained fund raising program that organizes and trains volunteers to twist balloons at businesses, schools, malls, festivals, and family events. Specifically designed for middle and high school students.


T. Myers Magic - One of the top balloon suppliers in the United States. Huge selection, great prices, and new twisting ideas every month.

LaRocks Fun and Magic Outlet - Another one of the top balloon suppliers in the US. Huge selection and great prices.


Balloon Magic - This is the top balloon twisting magazine. It is published by Qualatex, the top balloon supplier for entertainer balloons.

Betallic - Probably the second biggest supplier of entertainer balloons.

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