Flipping Balisong / Butterfly Knives

The balisong or butterfly knife is a folding pocket knife that is comprised of a blade, a two piece handle, and 2 pivot pins. When closed, the two handles conceal the blade. To open, the handles pivit around the tang in opposite directions and clasp together opposite the blade. This knife can be opened and closed with a flourish, called flipping.















Please be aware, people DO cut off fingers when playing with knives. Also, Balisongs are illegal in many parts of the world.



Top Web Sites

Wikipedia - History, construction, styles, and legal issues

Balisong.net - Technique, tips, and training

BalisonXtreme.com - Vidoes and tips

BalisongCollectory.com - Tons of history, photos, and video

Educational Resources



Spyderco - They carry a large supply of knives


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